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Yesterday, the GOP led House proposed a climate killing, water tainting budget bill that would render the EPA impotent. Tell your Representatives and Senators to bust this budget bill, before it busts our air, water and climate.

Dear Friend,

Congress just returned from their Fourth of July recess and they're doing their best rendition of The Empire Strikes Back: Yesterday the GOP led House teed up their budget proposal for the Environmental Protection Agency, and the bill would cut the EPA's operating budget by $1.2 billion. Worse yet, the bill would bludgeon EPA's climate work by 26 percent and water protection work by 24 percent.1 EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy, said it best, "Those reductions would have far-reaching consequences for the agency's ability to ensure protections for public health." 

This isn't just a random swinging of the budget axe either. GOP appropriators are specifically targeting rules that protect our water, air, climate and public health. The budget bill bars the EPA from finalizing rules to protect us from noxious ozone pollution, forbids action on President Obama's Clean Power Plan, and halts the Waters of The United States rule to close loopholes in the Clean Water Act.

Please click here to let your lawmakers know that you won't stand by and let the EPA get sliced and diced

GOP lawmakers are expected to be back on the floor today, decrying all these rules in the name of more profits for polluters. Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) said, "This administration is hell-bent on implementing all sorts of regulations that are both harmful to our economy and energy security." Oil Baroness Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) added, "The bill pulls back on EPA's regulatory overreach."2 But we all know that this is just another ploy to reward extreme energy extractors and Big Ag water polluters at the expense of public health.

That's why I need you to contact your Representative and Senators today, before this budget busting bill makes it to the floor later this week and tell them: Kill this climate killing bill. 

Please click here to let your lawmakers know that you won't stand by and let the EPA get sliced and diced.

Thanks for taking (environmental) action,


1. Sheppard, Kate. Obama Administration Comes Out Swinging Against GOP Environmental Budget Spending Bill. The Huffington Post. July 7, 2015.

2. Cama, Timothy. EPA Head Slams EPA Budget Cuts. The Hill. July 7, 2015.


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